Monday, September 17, 2012

Fashion Styles for Women Over 50

If you look at the fashion industry, whether it is with regards to clothes or hairstyles or shoes or accessories, anything and everything is aimed at pleasing younger women and to make them look attractive. So, you have seen thin models in their teens sashaying down the ramp wearing clothes that real women, especially those over a certain age, can not even imagine wearing. Where does this leave them in terms of women's clothing? What should a woman who is above the age of 50 with not that perfect a figure wear? To help such women, given below are some interesting tips on fashion styles.

Fun Fashion...
One of the foremost fashion advice for women over 50 is that they should dress up in a more fun way! Age should not be a barrier in picking up cool, chic and stylish dresses. The only thing is that women should know how to carry the dresses with confidence and grace.

The Perfect Fit...
Often times it is seen that women over a certain age start dressing up in large, over-sized clothes, all the time believing that they will hide the "flaws" in their body. Believe me! It does not work that way. For dressing up in fabulous fashion, you need to find clothes that fit your body perfectly i.e. clothes that are neither too loose, nor too tight!

Colors and Prints...
When it comes to choosing colors for the dresses, go in for soft neutral ones such as khaki, camel, navy and charcoal. For formal, evening wear, black and white are a good choice. To add color to your wardrobe, you can always pair up the dresses with bright bags in colors such as red and dark blue. For women who like wearing printed dresses, bold prints such as stripes, checks and argyles look very flattering on older women.

Wardrobe Essentials...
As for wardrobe must-haves, here are some eternal and ageless fashion ideas - shirt dresses, pea jackets, denim jackets, a pair of well fitting jeans, trench coats, wrap dresses, A-line knee-length skirts, turtlenecks and gowns with no frills. The dresses for women who are over 50 should be made in clean lines, with nothing over the top or flashy. The same goes for accessories. No flashy accessories should be worn by women in this age bracket. A single, bold, classic piece of jewelry will lend you grace and sophistication so go for it rather than wearing a number of small accessories.

For a Sexy Look...
Another interesting fashion tip is that if they want to dress up sexy, it does not mean that they have to bare their body. By clever selection of fabrics, they can make themselves appear seductive even when fully clothed. Silk, cashmere, satin and leather are some of the fabrics which are appropriate for a sexy and seductive look.

Make-up and Hairstyles...
The make-up for a woman over 50 should be subtle, as it makes her look graceful and smart. So, when it comes to choosing lipstick and eyeshadow colors, go in for nude shades or light pink. For everyday wear, mascara and lip gloss is all that you need. As for the hairstyles, it is a general perception that only small hairstyles look good in this age. However, if the gray hair is properly covered and you do not have the problem of thinning hair, you can go in for long hairstyles too. A ponytail or a bun on top of the head, layers in shoulder length hair, perms if you want to add volume to the hair - these are some of the hairstyles that you can opt for, depending upon what suits the shape of your face.

Remember one thing, now that you are fifty, you obviously have the intelligence, experience and knowledge which no younger women can ever match. So, let all of these shine through your personality and clothing. Feel good about yourself - that's the best fashion accessory that you can wear!
By Aastha Dogra
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