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Fashion Tips for Women Over 50

They say, a woman's beauty grows with her age, and she looks more and more graceful in her middle age. But women think the exact opposite. As according to them, they look fat and old with wrinkles on their faces! However, this doesn't mean you stop dressing up and change your wardrobe into a dump of loose light colored clothes. Fashion is for everyone and age has absolutely nothing to do with it, as the whole motive of fashionable clothes and accessories is to please yourself and make yourself feel great! So, if you are a woman who is over 50 years of age, let me tell you, you are still too young to try out new styles, new colors, new accessories and of course gorgeous "new shoes". There are innumerable fashion tips for the older women, which can make them look fresh and youthful. So, if you are looking for a few such simple and effective fashion tips, read into the coming up paragraphs.

Fashion Ideas for Women Above 50

When you are in your 50s, the enthusiasm to dress up, wear bright colors, use makeup, wear heels, and carry trendy hand bags, simply begins to die off. Many women give up on fashion thinking, it is for the young ladies and that they won't look great with it. However, being fashionable and trendy isn't for someone else, but to make yourself happy.

Have you ever gone shopping when you are completely depressed and low, and bought yourself something really expensive? I am sure it feels great, since you please yourself by spending. The same with fashion for women over 50, as what you wear and how you look is most importantly to see yourself smile than others. There are many ways, older women can look good and you don't need to be slim or beautiful for that. You simply need a few fashion ideas, which is what this article is all about. So, take a look!

Choose Your Colors
The first and most important of these fashion tips for females above 50, is to choose the colors which suit you and the ones you would prefer. You can wear any of your favorite colors, as you should be comfortable wearing them. Soft shades of colors like pink, peach, light blue, purple, browns, beige, orange, gray, khaki, etc., are great choices for dresses, according to this fashion advice for women over 50. You can choose other pastel colors if you are wearing tops and blouses and darker colors like black, dark brown, chocolate, khaki, gray, etc., for lower body clothes. But make sure, the colors suit your skin tone and complement you. You can also use some women over 50 makeup tips, while deciding colors for your makeup.

Pick Your Fashion Statement
After you have decided on the colors for your new wardrobe essentials, you need to find the style of clothes you will be comfortable in. If you are someone, who wouldn't mind dressing up in either casuals/semi formals/formals for the day, then you can choose from a range of clothes. There are various fashion styles for women over 50, available in the fashion market today, as everyone is style conscious.

If you are picking pants, make sure you choose some fitting pants/denims/khakis, as loose is out of date! Skirts and wraparounds look very beautiful on older women. You can use this as fashion tips for plus size ladies over 50.
Well stitched or hemmed summer and evening dresses can also make you look very attractive even at the age of 50. Women of this age tend to have a loose bust line, but with the appropriate inners and fitting fabric, you can avoid this abnormality.
In case of other women's clothing like blouses, shirts and tops, you can follow the same tip, of purchasing something that fits, rather than a loose XL size. Suits look PERFECT and can be a fabulous fashion for women over 50.

Accessories Are the Ticket
Well, when we are talking about accessories like bags, hats, jewelry, shoes, clutch purses, hair accessories, etc., age needs to be considered. Women in their 50 are mature ladies with character and keeping this class with an appropriate appearance should be your honor. Thus according to fashion for women over 50, you can use leather goods, jute and fabric for your accessories like bags and purses. Wearing very high heels might just affect your back and muscles, so, wedges, flats, semi pointed heels, and other lighter footwear can be your choices. Your jewelry is another thing, which needs to be very elegant and sleek as your age. So, preferably thin and delicate patterns would look brilliant. There are also a number of hairstyles for women over 50, which you can refer to.

Women over 50 years can use the above tips to their complete benefit! Well, age is a beautiful thing, so make sure you enjoy every moment of it, and age gracefully.
By Aparna Jadhav
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